How Karma Manifests Into a Life Threatening Situation for me

I was born into a family of Astrologers. I have always believed in karma and how it affects us as mortals.

I qualified with a Honours Degree in Law from University of London and then achieved LLM with Nottingham University while working for Magistrates’ Court Service.

My husband who is also from another family of Astrologers identified a problem in my Birth chart. While investigating the doctors found a cyst in my ovaries which burst few days later. I spent next 4 weeks in the hospital in a very serious condition. When i got better, I left my job with the court service and started working as an Astrologer basically to help people but more so to master in law. reduce my karma. The court service was so toxic that i felt that i was creating more and more karma every day working in environment where punishment was norm. Although the rewards were more spiritual than monetary I felt very happy with my life. Even my husband left his job to work together with me as an Astrologer. We had always worked with our families when clients came for readings and learnt from sitting with our parents while they were doing Astrology and palmistry consultations.

Then in January 2012 I felt unwell and after checking my palms we saw a dot on the head line and life line. My husband and i approached our family GP. We asked our GP for MRI which we were prepared to pay for ourselves. He refused this request on the grounds that it was not necessary. My condition became so bad that i could not walk even a few steps without holding onto something to balance myself. Finally we decided to approach out osteopath to see if he would sign the consent form.

On 20/12/12 we got MRI done with form signed by our osteopath. The radiographer, where we had the MRI was so concerned that he rang our doctor and asked him to see us immediately as there was 5. 5 cm brain tumour pressing onto to my brain stem. He faxed over the report to our doctor.

The doctor in his wisdom decided it was not important and went home for weekend.

I collapsed next morning and was rushed into hospital.

Mr Marsh, a well known brain surgeon, operated on my tumour on 23/12/12 and his comment was that if I had waited any longer I would not be here.

My advice to all readers is that you contact your doctor to get MRI done if you are getting any symptoms like imbalance, severe headaches or loss of movement in your limbs. Now I watch my diet with total organic and vegan food intake and taking cilantro every morning to detox the body off heavy metals and toxins. Meditation is also key to de stress and keeping positive.

I believe that God had given me two chances not only to clear my karmas but to help other people. Evening Standard, BBC news did articles on me and you can Google it on Bharat and Sheela Gandhi brain tumour.

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